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"May: A month of innovation and opportunities in the world of technology"

The month of May in Brazil is synonymous with love and unity, with weddings taking place under a cloudless blue sky. In the United States, however, May has a more technological and business-oriented feel, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the month of business, where the brightest minds in the world come together to discuss new trends and ideas that will change the world.

This month, I will be attending the Google IO/Connect event in Miami, which is one of Google's flagship events where the company's newest technologies are announced. I was invited by Google because I am part of the GDG (Google Developers Group) team, and the minds behind the most advanced technologies in the world will come together to share their latest ideas and projects.

I will also be at N/A Connect, another Google event that will take place in the same week and bring together the GDG community. It will be an incredible opportunity to meet new people, make connections, and learn from some of the brightest developers in the world.

The Latinas in Tech event will take place in San Francisco. The event celebrates Latinas, who are often underrepresented in the world of technology. It is a unique opportunity to hear from inspiring speakers, meet other women in business and technology, and create a strong and lasting network of support and collaboration.

While in Brazil many brides are preparing their white dresses and flower bouquets, here in the United States, the brightest minds in the world are preparing to shape the future. May is an exciting month that blends love, unity, collaboration, and innovation, and promises to drive the future of technology and business.

I will be back soon to share everything that happened at these events and more.

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