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"Just dive in"

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Oh, the sea, the Pacific, so wide and grand,

Its waters icy in winter, a frozen land,

But in California's summer heat, it's said,

To those who dare dive in, a joy widespread.

For you see, if the heat touches and feet touch the tide,

It feels like ice, a shock you can't hide.

It takes courage to leap into the ocean's embrace,

Letting those seconds pass, in a watery chase.

Some who linger, with toes barely wet,

Claim it's not worth it, they fret and they fret.

They stay on the shore, watching the bold,

Riding the waves, under the sun's blazing hold.

To those on the outside, they might think it's bizarre,

People in cold waters, how peculiar they are.

But those who are inside, they truly understand,

That the first fleeting second is a test, unplanned.

The courage to leap, at first, may feel strange,

In those unfamiliar waters, there's a range.

But if you endure those brief moments of fear,

What lies ahead is pure delight, oh so clear.

So, Pacific Ocean, with your shimmering tides,

Under San Diego's sun, where adventure abides,

Those who take the plunge, find happiness true,

In the chilly waters, past the first second's debut.

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