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He is just a normal person

Google is undeniably one of the most coveted companies to work for worldwide, especially for those passionate about the world of technology. The allure of being part of a global company, with the convenience of free food every 400 meters, access to a gym, and many other benefits, sparks the dreams of many young individuals to work at this company. Moreover, having Google experience on your resume can significantly increase your chances of success and open up new job opportunities in the future.

Competition for Google positions is extremely fierce due to the large number of people from different countries applying daily. Many professionals aspire to work for Google and, as a result, face great frustration when their resumes are not selected. This leads people to create an idealized image of those who are chosen, believing that there is something extraordinary about them.

During the IO Connect Miami event, which took place on May 22nd, I witnessed a conversation between a Brazilian girl and a Google developer who had contributed to the creation of impressive AI platforms that, like many other technologies, promise to revolutionize the world. After the conversation, when she turned to her friend, I heard the following comment: "He's just a regular person." This statement resonated with me because, for a long time, I also idealized people who work at Google until I had the opportunity to interact with them. Google employees are, in fact, ordinary individuals. This raises the question: what sets them apart and allows them to secure jobs at Google amidst strong competition?

Analyzing the profiles of Google employees on LinkedIn, it becomes evident that diversity is a fundamental element. While some have an impressive academic background, with high grades and degrees from renowned institutions, many others do not fit this pattern. There are those who have changed fields and perform different roles from their area of study, as well as individuals without traditional academic backgrounds. Google values diversity in experiences and skills, recognizing that success at the company does not solely depend on a standardized academic path.

Due to its global reach and reputation, Google attracts a large number of candidates from around the world. The competition for positions is fierce, with thousands of highly qualified individuals vying for a limited number of opportunities. Google's recruitment process involves a thorough analysis of applications, interviews, and detailed evaluations, aiming to identify those who best align with the company's values and can contribute significantly to its mission.

Google's rigorous selection process goes beyond academic achievements and also assesses problem-solving skills, creativity, collaboration, and the cultural fit of candidates within the company. Google values diverse perspectives and seeks individuals who can excel in an innovative and dynamic environment.

Securing a position at the competitive Google entails being in the right place at the right time and possessing the appropriate skills that align with the company's expectations. Being selected or not for a role at Google does not necessarily reflect a personal failure but rather a lack of compatibility between the candidate's profile and the specific needs of the company.

Google employees, although exceptionally qualified, are ordinary people who have gone through a rigorous selection process. The most important aspect in any professional relationship is the alignment of values and expectations, both from the candidate and the company. Not being selected for a position at Google does not mean being an inadequate professional but rather that the candidate's profile does not fit with the company, as is the case in interpersonal relationships.

In conclusion, while Google is highly desired as a place to work, it is important to recognize that its employees are ordinary individuals who have gone through a rigorous selection process, and non-selection does not necessarily reflect a personal failure. Diversity of experiences and skills, along with the ability to excel in an innovative and dynamic environment, are valued by the company. Additionally, the compatibility between the candidate's profile and the specific needs of the company plays a crucial role in selection. Therefore, understanding the multifaceted nature of Google's selection process and maintaining confidence in one's own abilities are essential aspects in facing competitiveness and seeking successful opportunities both at Google and in other renowned companies.

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1 Comment

beatriz dourado
beatriz dourado
Jun 15, 2023

Well said. One day you will become a Googler, I'm sure, my friend!

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