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WORKS PERFORMED | Internal Marketing and Communications

This section showcases my professional experience in Communication and Marketing. Here, you will find a list of projects and initiatives I have worked on, highlighting my skills and competencies in these areas. The projects may include market research, brand development, digital and social media strategies, event management, content creation, and other related activities. I have a track record of delivering successful outcomes for my clients and organizations, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in Communication and Marketing.

Company Anniversary!!!

To celebrate the 24th anniversary of the company, I came up with a plan where the main honorees would be the employees.

So, when the last employee left the company the day before the anniversary, balloons, cards, and cupcakes were placed on each workstation.

I designed the card (text and layout), tied the balloons, and ordered the cupcakes with great care so that each employee could feel special.

The next morning, in addition to this surprise, we also had a delicious special anniversary breakfast.

To pull off a successful event like this, you need a combination of organizational skills, creativity, attention to detail, and a desire to make people feel appreciated.

"Festa Junina Celebration: Promoting Collaboration and Celebrating Brazilian Culture"


Organized a "Festa Junina" event for the company as a way to promote collaboration among employees and celebrate Brazilian culture. The event was held on a Saturday night, and employees were asked to bring a typical dish. I rented the venue, provided decorations, drinks, and music, and organized the programming, which included bingo, dancing, and traditional "Festa Junina" activities. The event was a great success, providing an opportunity for employees and their families to socialize outside of work and to experience Brazilian traditions.

Building Stronger Client Relationships: Successful Customer Events.


Planned and organized customers events every semester to stay close to our clients and prospects. These events aimed to discuss business and build stronger relationships, as I believe that "out of sight, out of mind".

As an event coordinator, I possess a unique blend of skills that enable me to create memorable experiences for clients. From brainstorming ideas and developing event concepts to coordinating logistics and managing vendors, I excel at every stage of event planning. I also have a keen eye for design and a talent for creating visually stunning presentations and marketing materials. Whether it's developing engaging PowerPoint presentations or designing merchandise products, I have the creative vision and technical skills to bring ideas to life. With my diverse skill set and attention to detail, I am confident in my ability to create events that exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Project Manager Orchestrates Successful Marketing Campaign for Business Trade Shows


As a skilled project manager, I organized a successful marketing campaign for our company's participation in business trade shows. I prepared informative institutional materials, such as flyers, videos, and promotional items, and ensured that our work was impeccable and stood out from competitors. By attending these trade shows, we were able to reach more potential clients and showcase our advantages. My careful planning and execution of the project resulted in a successful outcome, achieving our goals and generating positive results for our company.

Promoting Employee Wellness: Organizing a Vaccination Day with a Sweet Twist


As a communication professional working with internal clients, including HR, I understand the importance of taking care of employees. Recently, we organized a vaccination day at our company, providing free flu shots to improve the quality of life for our team.

To add some fun to the event, we encouraged employees to smile during the injection to receive a lollipop. It was heartwarming to see everyone participating, with some even feeling like kids again. 

As a thoughtful professional, I believe that small gestures like these make a big impact on employee satisfaction and overall morale.

A Successful Inauguration Event for A.Telecom's New Address

We invited our clients to visit our new home and started by having lunch at the nearby Barbacoa restaurant. Then, we all headed to the new office for the inauguration event.


As the event organizer, I managed all aspects of the event, from coordinating with the restaurant and the venue to ensuring a smooth flow of activities.

My skills in developing and managing events were crucial to the success of the event, which provided an opportunity for our clients to see our new space and strengthen our relationship with them.

Celebrating Easter with Employee Appreciation: Our Internal Marketing Strategy


As part of our internal marketing strategy, we took advantage of the Easter holiday to show appreciation to our employees by gifting them with chocolate eggs. This gesture aimed to promote employee satisfaction and strengthen our organizational culture.

We believe that small gestures like these can make a big difference in boosting morale and creating a positive work environment. As a team, we are committed to continuously exploring ways to improve our internal communication and enhance the employee experience.

"Wear Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in the Workplace


In partnership with HR, we organized a breast cancer awareness campaign in our company. The event was marked by a "wear pink" day, where employees were encouraged to wear pink clothes and accessories. Throughout the day, we held educational activities and provided informative content about breast cancer, including prevention and early detection.


The campaign aimed to promote health awareness and encourage employees to prioritize their health. The event was a success, with high participation rates and positive feedback from employees, demonstrating the value of health promotion initiatives in the workplace.

Successful End-of-Year Celebration for Employees

As the event planner for the end-of-year celebration, I successfully organized a memorable event for all employees. The event was held at a top-notch restaurant in the city, featuring delicious food and drinks and stunning views. The festivities included a gift exchange activity, designed to foster camaraderie and appreciation among colleagues. 

I was responsible for every detail of the event, from selecting the venue and menu to curating the music and designing all the communications materials. My goal was to create a buzz around the event and encourage maximum participation from employees. Thanks to a year-long marketing plan that emphasized the value of employees, attendance at all company events averaged 90%.

The end-of-year celebration was a huge success, providing a festive and fun way to wrap up the year and show appreciation for employees' hard work. As an event planner, I pride myself on my attention to detail, creativity, and ability to deliver memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Raising Awareness About Prostate Cancer through Employee Education

As a communication specialist, I understand the importance of educating our employees on critical health issues. In November, we focused on raising awareness about prostate cancer and the significance of male self-care, including regular prostate exams. I developed various educational materials such as newsletters and emails, and we also organized a "wear blue day" to remind everyone of the cause. Prostate cancer is a leading cause of death among men, and I take pride in contributing to our company's efforts to prioritize employee health and well-being.

Designing Quality Promotional Materials and Developing Engaging Communication Content


As a marketing and communications professional, I possess exceptional skills in creating promotional materials for events and internal communications. My creativity and attention to detail allow me to design visually appealing and high-quality materials, such as badges, giveaways, and branding items, while maintaining consistency with the company's brand identity.

I also excel in developing informative content for both internal and external communication, aligning with the company's values and objectives. This includes crafting engaging newsletters, social media posts, and presentations, as well as producing materials for trade shows and events.

My ability to develop creative and informative content that effectively communicates the company's message and values has enabled me to successfully support the marketing and communication efforts of various organizations.

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